Good Days

Good day today.  I got the money from the state for helping to finance the Lost Kisses DVD.  It’s great as I was scared with my state not doing well financially that the money wouldn’t come.

I finished the scripts to Lost Kisses #9 & #10 & I’ll probably print them out & start drawing them tonight.

I also got an artist who is interested in working with me on my western comic.  I’ve seen that he actually has completed projects previously, so things look pretty good.  We’ll see what happens.

I was supposed to help a friend with cleaning up some files for a track on their album.  They sent me a zip file over & it had 124 audio files in it!  So yeah, that’s a project for another day.

Plumerai did a little interview for Boston Garage Bands.  Theirs is episode 43.

I got the info about starting a little public access show here in Raleigh & I need a total crew of five to be able to get a studio show in their production facility (clearly the reason I’m wanting to do it is for access to the facilities).  Anyone in Raleigh interested in helping out on that?  My plan is a weekly show featuring a single band with a five minute interview, twenty minutes of music, & another five minute interview.

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