Tales from Silberia

Spent several hours today doing searches for new music bloggers to contact for the upcoming stuff.  I’m starting to realize that though nothing has really come to fruition from it yet, the Silber promotional machine is getting to be pretty bad ass.  Maybe not Mad Max’s road warrior rig, but at least a doom buggy.

I’ve been thinking about doing a spoken word thing of various Silber people telling stories, just a monologue you might tell a friend.  Maybe called Silber Stories or Tales from Silberia, maybe I should file it away under things to do in 2012….

I’m also thinking about starting to do things where I make packs of artist trading cards (original artwork the size of a baseball card).  People would send me ten cards & $1 & get eight cards back plus theirs distributed.  $4 a pack for non-contributors.  I’d make the packs using wax paper stapled together.

Got an email from Melissa Gardner that she’s currently working on XO#6.  So hopefully that will be done soon.

I got the final draft of Lost Kisses #12 done & laid out.  I sent it to Dave Sim, so we’ll see if it ends up Ultimate Lost Kisses or regular Lost Kisses.

I don’t really talk about it on hear much, but I take care of my grandmother 12-14 hours most days (hence days where I have trouble getting much done).  She had an incredibly lucid day today for the first time in probably a year or so & it was nice, but a little scary because they say that’s what happens at the end for people with Alzheimers before their brain forgets how to tell their body how to process food & water.

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