Trading Cards

Got a lot of paperwork done today.  Almost all of the Silber paperwork for the end of the year (except the data entry for the tax forms) & maybe I’ll finish it tomorrow & be able to get out my artist royalty checks for Monday along with invoices to distros & all that good stuff.

So I’ve talked to several people about my artist trading card project & it seems like it is going to be a go.  To be part of the first wave I need your 10 ATCs by March 15 (Attn ATC / Silber Records / PO Box 18062 / Raleigh, NC 27619 / USA) & $1 ($2 international) to cover sending you back a pack of cards.  Here’s some of the requirements:
Physical size: 2.375″ x 3.5″ on a very heavy stock (such as posterboard, chipboard, or a white washed baseball card)
Not overly 3 dimensional as these will be going through the mail.
Please spray fixative/varnish over your work if necessary.
Put work in water proof bag befor mailing (ziploc).
Put separaters between cards to prevent damage in transit.
Nothing printed out on a printer (block prints are fine).
It is acceptable (& suggested) that original pieces are as a series or similar to each other (e.g. the same subject drawn on ten different cards).
Send as many cards as you want, you’ll get a pack back for every ten (& monies for shipping).
Please put your contact information on the back of each individual card as a goal is for these to promote your work.

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