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Distribution, Fan Funding, Dreams

So yesterday I sent out the invoices to my distros.  Today I got a couple of mean spirited emails about that they didn’t know anything about it & could I send more evidence of it.  WTF?  Stuff like this is …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i thought your biggest issue was not being super-excited to make friends in this regard.

  2. peter says:

    Here’s a thing from a guy who pioneered digital distribution for video games (Steam) talking to a business school about how he does it. I found it interesting and entertaining.


Kickstarter versus Indiegogo

So as some of you who regularly read the blog know, I’m working up to doing some more stuff for fan funding projects.  I used Kickstarter last time & though my project was successful, I’m not sure that half the …

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  1. michael says:

    I’m totally against the whole idea of going cap in hand to write/produce/record music.

    I’m sorry, I believe in working for a living not charity. This may sound harsh but if you can’t afford to do this type of thing then save or use a credit card and pay it back later.

    life is shit sometimes. I would not lower myself into this type of thing. It’s embarrassing. I appreciate some people can play instruments or whatever and don’t know the first thing about recording/producing. Well, tough – either learn the hard way or save.

    • I totally hear where you’re coming from & I think in general what you’re saying is right. Here’s the thing though, right now Kickstarter is “hot” in the same way that ten years ago iTunes was hot. Personally, I hate the idea of using my computer to listen to music. I don’t own an MP3 player & the only music on my computer is stuff I’ve recorded or mastered. I generally thing the digital format is inferior to a physical product in every way, especially the ones without digital booklets (which seems to be everyplace except in the Silber shop I made). But to not put your music out to make money in that way when people want it to be available in that way is bad business sense. & right now Kickstarter is kind of at the same place. I don’t agree with a lot of what it’s about, but it is the first thing that’s gotten “regular” people excited about art & music since MySpace took the stage in 2004 or whenever it was & there has been no discovery engine that has been helpful to musicians since 2008. So I am trying to be open minded about it. I had a lot of luck with it with my comics. For me to use it properly would be to say, “Look, I am making a new record. I don’t care if anyone ever hears it besides me. If you want to contribute money so that you can hear it & so that other people can hear it, that’s cool & if not it won’t leave my house & that’s fine too.” I think it’s a natural conclusion to the fact that labels are making less money & have less money to throw out to help develop artists, because projects cost money & time. I think for the past twenty years, the importance of music as a defining & valuable thing to an individual has been declining as other forms of entertainment have risen (video games, DVDs, internet, cell phones, etc) to demand both time & entertainment budget dollars. So I’m all for something that makes people excited about paying money for new music to exist. Even though it does feel like begging.

      • michael says:

        in a rather cynical way i think like this…

        its like “man give me some money so you can hear me play one of those lovely american fender telecasters because this squier one i have doesn’t sound as good. help fund me and reap the benefits!!!”

Web Updates, Requiem for a Dream, Fan Funding

I spent a chunk of the day trying to figure out (& actually figuring out) how to get the header at Silber embedded throughout the site (thanks to Christopher Maples for his help on this).  It seems I need to …

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