Got in the Hotel Hotel CDs.  So I have spent the day making up packages.  Got around 50 done I’d guess with about 150 to go.

Talked to Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) & he might be expanding on one of the Vlor tracks based on the rough mixes.  Always nice to see the project grow organically a little more.

Starting to feel the crunch of some time deadlines on music stuff.  We’ll see what all happens.

Also was talking to Shane (North Pole Records) about recent problems with getting picked up for distribution & my lack of word back this week from any of my distributors is making me feel like I might have the same problem.

Oh the official street date for Hotel Hotel & Northern Valentine is November 4 (shipping pre-orders now).  So you can get whichever you want in this two party system or even both at

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