Got about 130 promo packages done today.  So I’m feeling pretty good about that.  I was hoping to get the new XO art in by today as the only packages I don’t have made are the ones I was planning to sneak it in with.  So maybe I’ll not bother sending copies of my mini-comics to The Wire & what-not this time.  Eventually a comic release & music release will match up.

Been talking to a few folks about the questions for the guitarist issue of QRD.  In general people just say, “Those are good questions! You have all the bases covered!”  Always hard for me to tell the difference between compliments & patronization.

Oh, I canceled my shows at the end of the month.  Just too much I have to get done between now & then.

Got the final payment to Starbage Hands for the Hotel Hotel disc.  Nice to have no outstanding debts.

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