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So I finally got done with the script for the Straw Man mini I’m doing with David Branstetter & sent it over to him.  It’s a backing story that is a single comic page cut up into one of my minis.  Anyway, he said the story I gave him echoes his plot to an upcoming issue really closely & sent me the script to his issue to re-work my issue to echo it a little more clearly.  It’s kind of nice to do a project that is so close to dead on that it predicts a future issue.

So the new QRD is finally out.  It continues the guitarist interview series.  It’s number 57 & to me that’s pretty insane.  & I have all the interviews for 58 & 59 already on my computer ready to go after I edit them.  I really do still like doing QRD & doing these series interviews.  Just wish I knew a way to get more people to read them.  So anyone that can spread the word, I appreciate it or if you have ideas for me to promote it (without spending money!) let me know.

I went through & adjusted the prices on the whole website increasing the international CD prices to go along with how much shipping now is.  I wanted it to stay as low as I could without screwing the bands out of future royalties & my price point ended up $18, which basically means the amount that comes into Silber for a CD international is the same amount as for the $5 download on the Silber site.  So I like to think I’m still at a rate people will find fair.  Where I think I might hit a snag is international distro.  I think that I’m just not going to be able to sell CDs for a reasonable wholesale price & that kinda sucks.  Also I don’t know if I’m going to continue shipping physical promos out.  Though I guess on the one hand since presumably everyone is going to stop shipping out international promos, being the one company doing it might make sending them out more effective.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m in an episode of Law & Order: SVU & I’m a beat cop guarding a girl who’s parents were both kidnapped.  Mariska’s partner is Ricky from My So-Called Life.

I’m Quinn on Sliders.  Me & Wade have lost The Professor & Rembrandt & the timer; we slid to another world without them.  I tell Wade that if they come to her that she should leave without me & she agrees to it before I finish my sentence, which is a bit of a let down to my ego romance wise.  I take a paper clip & break it in half.  I go out on the balcony of the hotel room & scrapes some paint off the railing to expose bare metal.  I shove the paper clips in my palms to electrify them with my blood & touch the railing to complete the circuit.  A portal opens & I jump off the balcony into it with only the power of my brain to guide me through.

I’m listening to a mash up of “Lift High the Cross” & “Laugh Clown Laugh”.  Are they literally the same tune?

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  1. noozeroo says:

    memba when you could go to most major retailers and CD’s were 18$ off a cd rack?