Straw Man, Star, Small Life Form, Remora, 1984, Clang Quartet, Dream

So I knocked out another draft for the Straw Man mini & got it out to David Branstetter per his request yesterday for some mild script changes.  So I think I’m done with that project & can cross it off my to do list.  Which is always a good feeling.

In other comic book news I got an email from Kurt Dinse saying he’s starting work on Star #3.  So hopefully that will be out before the end of the spring & it’s a two parter so maybe issue #4 will be out right behind it.

I’ve been working on the potential big Remora Kickstarter project that I have been kicking the idea around for four months. I think I finally have the narrative for it to tell the idea in a way that sounds more interesting than pretentious.  So hopefully I’ll launch that in a few days.

Unbeknownst to me, Karla shot a couple videos at some of my shows the past couple of month’s.  Here’s the Remora one where while I’m building a feedback wall the promoter comes & tells me if I don’t know how to play my song to get off the stage.

& here’s a Small Life Form one from the Experimental Xmas show in Greensboro.

So some of you may remember a year or two ago I was pretty fascinated by the movie of 1984 from 1954 with Peter Cushing.  Anyway, I randomly stumbled across this version from 1953 starring Eddy Albert (Green Acres) & Lorne Greene (Bonanza, Battlestar Galactica).  It’s not as good to me as the Peter Cushing one or the one made in 1984, but way better than the one from 1956 (though maybe I should give that one another chance).

Clang Quartet did an interview with Miami New Times that is pretty good.  Go check it out.

Last Night’s Dream:
They moved the post office with my PO box & now it’s next to an underage nightclub, so there are always kids milling around after hours.  This one kid starts hassling me, getting in front of me saying, “Who’s the new kid?  Who’s the new kid?” over & over again.  I tell him I’m over thirty-five years old & he says, “Oh, yeah!  Prove it! Swear like a grown up!”  So I say to him, “You are a piece of shit & your mother should have flushed you down the fucking toilet the day you were born.”  His jaw drops & he looks like he’s about to cry & I walk around him.

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4 Responses to Straw Man, Star, Small Life Form, Remora, 1984, Clang Quartet, Dream

  1. the girl says:

    i like that you didn’t know i took the vids.
    also that you are so much more badass in your dreams than i have ever see you be in real life.
    also i like you.

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    i wish the dialogue between you and the promoter was audible.

  3. Nick says:

    so basically promoters hire musicians for small venues without knowing their music?

    • Yeah, a lot of promoters don’t know what the fuck they are doing. I do think going into a bar & expecting people to be into feedback is a stretch & while I have had two or three shows that I knew would be awful that were well received at standard rock or hippie bars, those incidents are few & far between. My music is only fun time music to a very select group of people.