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So Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore are breaking up.  This one didn’t hit me too hard as I was never a huge Sonic Youth fan (just a guy who liked some of their music), but back 15 years ago when Michael Gira & Jarboe of Swans broke up it really threw me for a loop as far as the hope of ever being able to find that ideal relationship of either (a) two equals that are successful artistic individuals (I’m not going to get into the debate about how many people are willing to shush off Jarboe & Gordon as tagalongs as I think it’s false) or (b) the ability of a semi-broken man (representing myself) to somehow ensnare an angel.  Of course both of these things are wrong & about celebrity worship, but when you’re someone obsessed with music it’s really hard to find any role models that present themselves as being in any kind of successful romantic relationship that doesn’t seem detrimental to their art.  There have been a couple minor rock star couples I’ve been friends with that have made me retain hope for the dream (in fact I did a series of interviews with them a few years ago in QRD), but also see the reality of the everyday problems in any relationship because in the end we’re all just people, which unfortunately kills the dream of one day rising up to having some kind of ideal indie rock god life.

So I found out there was a problem with the webplayer plugin here on the blog not working, presumably because of some sort of WordPress update along the way.  Tried uninstalling it & re-installing to no avail.  Tried to put in a half dozen other players before I found one that vaguely worked in the way I wanted (it’s actually the same Yahoo Javascript I use on the main site, kinda funny).  So a bit of a waste of most of my morning.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I wake up lying next to a girl that looks vaguely familiar in the shadows, like she might be a girl I haven’t seen in fifteen years & never knew the name of.  I want to take a shower, but there’s a line of people to use the bathroom in the apartment.  I don’t even know what city I’m in.

My brother is getting equipment together for his first live show.  He has all these weird homebrewed pedals that are just circuit boards not in enclosures & he’s stacking them together with bubble wrap in between them & shoving them in a book bag.  Seems like a bad idea.

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