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So I played my guitar quite a bit today, maybe even got in the hour I used to try to play every day.  The fingers on my left hand hurt, but they aren’t bleeding.  Before you know it I’ll have scratchy guitar fingers again.  Anyway, I recorded a quick demo of this song I wrote back in July.


In other Remora-ish news, Peter Aldrich posted up another video from our jam in 2002.  This one is interesting because the “loop” riff is similar to, if not identical to, some Vlor song & in my song notebook it is listed as “Vlor Song” & the version of it I’ve been doing for the past five years involves me looping & playing three parts over top of each other, but here I am before a looping pedal just droning out on a really repetitive riff.  It makes me want to try to catch up with Russell Halasz (original Vlor guitarist) & try to do some recording, but even though we are technically friends on Facebook I think it’s not too likely to happen.  So it might be a better idea to get some duets going with Mister Aldrich while we’re at a space where that is a possible thing to happen in life.

I want to try to do an essay driven issue of QRD where people (other than me) write about the dichotomies in art & music that they either struggle with or have found a way to resolve.  Things like art versus craft or art versus entertainment or fair use versus intellectual property or coming to terms with artistic limitations.  So if you are interested in writing something for it, give me a shout.  I like things short enough that people might actually read them, so probably 200-1000 words is about right.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m sitting in my room & I’m cold & I realize I lost the technology to make myself warm.

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