Okay, I haven’t been posting anything lately.  I do want you to know there is a lot of stuff going on.  The new QRD is done except for converting everything to html.  There are ten 5in5s waiting on me to finish up the label end of working on.  There are two comps waiting for me to master & get the artwork done for.  There are two albums waiting for me to do the label end of things on & another album waiting for the band to finish up some art.  So once I get things rolling they should start coming out pretty quickly.  But getting things rolling seems a little crazy lately.  Currently I’m working 4 part time jobs in addition to Silber & taking care of a baby & it is about as ridiculous as it sounds.  My hope is still to get as much quality art/music out to the masses in as timely a manner as possible.  I have hope.

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