so this is christmas

Alright, spent the day working on this years Christmas compilation.  Our intern Ben Collins put everything together & it’s called White Silber.  Go to to check it out.  A zip file should be available in a day or two, but right now I think you need to download individual files….

Here’s some interesting stats on our free series (you can get them all free here (donations accepted of course)):
Various Artists: Silber Sounds of Christmas
Downloads: 40,435
Various Artists: Silber Sounds of Halloween
Downloads: 36,997
Various Artists: Silber on Silber
Downloads: 35,855
Various Artists: Songs for the End of the World
Downloads: 34,843
Various Artists: Winter Wishes
Downloads: 23,524
Vlor: sacred places in the city
Downloads: 16,231
Remora: Ambient Drones for One Guitar
Downloads: 15,703
Various Artists: Songs For America
Downloads: 15,580
Rollerball: Companion 2 (The Woman at the Well)
Downloads: 11,970
Vlor: lavished/luxate
Downloads: 8,447
Kobi: outwards from a core area in the north
Downloads: 5,990
Rollerball: Companion 3 (The Thief on the Right)
Downloads: 5,435
Remora: Amerse
Downloads: 5,034
Remora: reversion
Downloads: 3,885
mwvm: rotations remixed
Downloads: 2,748
various friends of Silber: Winterizing
Downloads: 2,715
Rollerball: Companion 1 (The Good Samaritan)
Downloads: 2,266
Various Artists: Silber Xmas 2000
Downloads: 1,988
Hotel, Hotel: under sea, over storm
Downloads: 1,550
Remora/Clang Quartet: Cemented in Stone
Downloads: 1,542
Kobi: Dronesyndrome Medley EP: Kobi
Downloads: 921
slicnaton-remora-northern-valentine: clear field
Downloads: 503
northern valentine: stars whisper
Downloads: 366
small life form: alive
Downloads: 197

It’s interesting to me to see the drops in download numbers & that there are Vlor & Remora items downloaded so many times.  & why is one of the Rollerball EPs downloaded five times as much as the other two?  & why are the Small Life Form & Northern Valentine so low?  800 downloads of stuff from the free collection last week gives me faith in the idea that people are interested in getting Silber music for free.  We’ll see what all happens over the next couple of weeks as along with the new Christmas collection there will be some other free stuff as well & hopefully there will be some people clicking the donation links (that didn’t exist until a couple months ago & there hasn’t been a free release since they exist) & then I won’t be able to complain about money anymore.

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