Slow Belly Ache Dreams

Just working on the interviews mainly.  Going slower than I thought.

& I have a belly ache.

I started reading my HP Lovecraft/Robert E Howard letters book.  About 20 pages into it & I feel like it is destroying the imagery I have of Howard a bit, which I guess I knew would happen.  It also is giving me some insight to the rise of Nazi-isms racial tendencies.  Because these two people who are both clearly intelligent & eloquent men that are simultaneously tied to the time period in which they live are discussing why they believe the people descended from the parts of England their ancestors were from are physically & intellectually superior to the rest of the world.  Wow.  Really?  I knew that this mind set was around with factory workers & immigrant farmers & the like in this era, but the literati?  It makes war & genocide seem so humane when you look at people from other parts of the world as failed experiments in the evolution of man.  Lends some credence to the idea that the Civil War was more about one portion of a nation wanting to economically oppress another part of a nation than about slavery.  In a hundred years if people read these blogs, I wonder if it’ll destroy their ability to like my art.  Of course that brings up are things like letters (or blogs or diaries) part of an artist’s creative output & to be read or just ephemeral words on paper.  My answer is, “I don’t know.”  In my personal case with this blog, it’s about that I generally don’t have anyone to actually communicate with on a regular basis who cares about what I’m doing in the minutia of my business/artistic life.

Last Nights Dreams:
On a tour & my compatriots’ van breaks down in the mountains of south-eastern Kentucky.  I debate continuing on solo, but decide to stay with them because I’m good friends with one of them.  We go to a Chinese restaurant & there’s a hold-up while we’re eating our soup & we’re told we need to stay in the small town indefinitely pending investigation.

I get one of those shirt style priority mail boxes.  Inside is a Korg SQD midi editor & a ton (maybe 30?) of the proprietary discs it takes (that my Roland sampling keyboard also takes).  It makes me ecstatic at the same time that I’m sitting there thinking, “I will never use this & it’s really just trash.”

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