Six Bands, Promo, Dream

So I got pretty much all of the promo emails out for the new music.  Just 100 or so more to go.  I’ll probably finish them tomorrow.

I worked a bit on a comic thing for a contest.  We’ll see if anything happens.  It’s a dumb little drawing.  I’ll probably post it up tomorrow.

I posted this on Facebook & a bunch of people got a kick out of it, so here you go….Last Night’s Dream:
My guitar has been damaged.  Half the is neck messing & some of the fret board is broken off.  The strings are still on, but I’m not convinced that I can play it.

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3 Responses to Six Bands, Promo, Dream

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    I remember playing in NYC around 95 and thinkin like it was 2012.
    Forward hating.

  2. Yeah, those New York gigs were awful. I don’t know what the obsession all of us have with New York is, the older I get the less I want to ever be there again….

  3. GoddakkAttack says:

    depends what you want.

    as a band i guess you think more people per square mile more people at your show and more potential for people at your show that are in the BIZ. (although really that just means more people at the band before you who then go to the bar afterwards leaving you to play to your girlfriend and any of your poor relatives in town showing support)

    I like ny in comparison to other US cities. except for when i just want to find a nice quiet place to kill time.