Silber’s Most Popular Releases of 2014

What were the ten most popular releases on Silber in 2014?  It might surprise you as some of them suprised us.  You get all ten of them for just $20!  Here’s what you get:
Chvad SB: Crickets Were the Compass
Our biggest release of 2014 was pur first time working with Chvad.  Dark ambient & how did he come to work with us?  Through a suggestion from Clang Quartet!

Origami Arktika: Absolut Gehor
I love Origami Arktika & I guess other people do too.  That Einstürzende Neubauten had links to this album probably didn’t hurt the interest in this one.

Various Artist: QRD – The Guitarists
This massive beast took me hundreds of hours to work on (mainly because of the several thousand page associated interview book).  I really thought it was going to be a release that got people re-excited about Silber & would make all the people who thought we had gone out of business know who we are again.  While it didn’t work out quite like that, it is an awesome & massive thing.

Feel No Other: Feel No Other
I was surprised this ended up this high on the list.  The full length debut of this cinematic darkwave side project of Electric Bird Noise.

If Thousands: For
I’m so glad this made the chart.  A few months before we put this out with Silber, If Thousands put it out themselves on Bandcamp to limited notice & we were really glad to be able to help people hear the relaunch of this great band.

Thorn1: The Light of Random Star
This is my personal favorite album of 2014.  Another one I thought would get Silber a lot of attention, but I’m happy with the ability to get great records heard at all.

Electric Bird Noise: Kind of Black
Electric Bird Noise is becoming the flagship of Silber lately.  The title Kind of Black is a refernce to Miles Davis’s Kind Of Blue & this album is some kind of post jazz ambient guitar mash-up.

Various Artists: Across the Mountains
This compilation really follows one of my main goals with Silber, getting music from one corner of the globe to another.  A lot of people don’t even know Macedonia is a country, let alone are they aware of a healthy experimental music scene being there.  So I’m pretty stoked that this came together & that people care.

Yellow6: Closer To The Sea Without Moving
In 2013 we got to start working with Yellow6 because of the 5in5 series.  I never thought Jon would ask us to help him put out an album.  Pretty happy to work with a lifelong pier this far into both his & our legacies.

Slicnaton: Autoscopy
I’m really glad to have this in the chart as it was at least four years in the making & while it seemed to get some attention from Silber piers (notably Brian Bird Noise, Chvad SB, & Brian Remora), it didn’t seem to get the critical attention it deserved, but at least people are listening to it!

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