Silber November 14, 2017 Newsletter

Hey Kidz,

Hope all is going well.  It’s been a little while I know, but stuff is happening.  A lot of stuff.


In the past couple of months we’ve released a lot of music.  Guitar drone compositions from Max Kutner, minimalist sound experiments from Small Life Form, noise drone power electronics from Baptizer, & ambient noise jazz from LÜM.  Links below to listen or download or you can hear them along with other recent releases on Spotify here –


We’ve also been putting a lot of the back catalog up on Bandcamp, here are a couple that are currently free downloads:

Remora: Ambient Drones for One Guitar – 

Kobi: Outward from a Core Area of the North –


A lot of new music coming too with new stuff from M is We, Andrew Weathers/Shaun Sandor, & The Corrupting Sea in the next couple of weeks not to mention this year’s Christmas EPs from Yellow6, Electric Bird Noise, Nonconnah, Dusty Tears, Baptizer, Hyperborean Echoes, & maybe more.  It’s a scramble to get it all done for sure & we still have some music that should be ready early next year.


The new issue of QRD is still waiting for me to edit.  It’s embarrassing how much I let things drag on that.  I really do feel like QRD is one of the best things I do, but it’s also the thing easiest to put off because it doesn’t generate the interest it used to.  I guess there’s a similar issue with me not bothering to get the scripts I have for comics out of my notebooks & to the artists.  One day I’ll have things caught up & who knows what I’ll have in store then.  We do have some openings for unpaid intern positions if you have a few hours a month where you’re bored & looking for something to do & want to help.


More news soon.  Thanks for the interest & support & if you want to be taken off the mailing list just let me know.



Brian John Mitchell



Max Kutner


Max Kutner came to Silber via Luka Fisher & Records Ad Nauseum, ambient guitar drone experiments is one of our hallmarks & especially when it’s about isolation & self discovery.  On Disaffection Finds Its Pure Form, Max wrote a one & a half page score but with fifteen sets of rules to navigate with an electric guitar for thirty sets of six-string interaction while remaining one unified piece.

File Under: Guitar Drone, Post Rock, Ambient

Recommended if you like: Brian Eno, Tortoise, The Durutti Column, GYBE, Electric Bird Noise

Listen or buy on Silber –

Listen or buy on Bandcamp –

Listen on Spotify –

Download sample track “I”-





Baptizer is noise & drone & power electronics & industrial & southern & anti-modern & Christian & intense.  We get it; it’s not for everybody.  It’s music by & for those who feel trapped in the wrong place in space & time.  A nightmare, a dream, or a world of its own.  If you can imagine Phillip K Dick & Ezra Pound & Saint Ignatius of Loyola collaborating & collaging & colliding, you won’t be far off the mark.  Enter the caverns & be saved from the modern world by the hands of Baptizer.

File Under: Noise, Power Electronics, Industrial

Recommended if you like: Genocide Organ, Green Army Fraction, Propergol, Deathkey

Listen or buy on Silber –

Listen or buy on Bandcamp –

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Download sample track “Deo Vindice” –





Small Life Form started in 1998 as seeing how sound could be shaped & manipulated on a computer using ideas inspired by the works of George Crumb & Gyorgy Ligeti. Sound experimentation with limitations forcing creativity & these are the results from before the project even had a name.

File Under: Aggressive Ambient

Recommended if you like: George Crumb, Gyorgy Ligeti, Tore Boe, Lustmord

Listen or buy on Silber –

Listen or buy on Bandcamp –

Listen on Spotify –

Download sample track “mouthed” –





LÜM is a mixture of jazz, ambient, noise, drone, & chamber music & simultaneously all & none of these things.  Three stalwart members of the North Carolina noise community, Charles Wright (violin, vocals, percussion), Nathan Maxwell (viola, vocals, percussion), & J.M. Borer (harmonium, vocals, percussion) got together in 2014 & 2015 with the idea of doing ambient jazz improvisations naturally informed by their drone & noise backgrounds & the results of four recording dates is The Stairwell Sessions.  Sit back & relax & drone on.

File Under: Ambient Noise Jazz, Chamber Music

Recommended if you like: Popol Vuh, Kronos Quartet, Supersilent, Sun Ra

Listen or buy on Silber –

Listen or buy on Bandcamp –

Listen on Spotify –

Download sample track “I” –


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