Silbeer, Mini-Comics, Nostalgia Equals Distortion, Outer Limits

Today I went around looking for bottles for Silbeer & was surprised that the mexican restaurant near me has a padlock on their recycle bins so I couldn’t get bottles there & then I went to a local club/bar & they didn’t even have recycle bins.  So on tonight’s bottling I ended up using a couple of twist-offs, so I guess I’ll find out if they hold up to things.

Worked on the standee display for the mini-comics.  Cut all the holes out & put on two coats of primer.  I have to buy some more posterboard & some red spray paint to finish it.

There’s a review of Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark over on Nostalgia Equals Distortion.

Watched this bizarre episode of Outer Limits.  It’s one of the more famous ones I believe, but I’d never seen it.  It’s called “Don’t Open Until Doomsday.”

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