Lost Kisses, Monthly, Silbeer

I got Lost Kisses #21 scanned in, still need to lay it out & do a proof.

I got in a preliminary draft of the art Eric Shonborn did for Monthly (new comic).  It’s kind of a weird comic because it’s bit of a punchline story & it’s hard to say what it’s about without giving away the punchline.  So I’ll just say it’s about finding a lady who loves you.

Mixed up a couple more batches of Silbeer.  Another batch of honey apple mead (this time with a little less apple juice & a little more black pepper) & a weaponized orange soda.  I talked to Nic Slaton a bit about the brewing (his day job is making wine) & he said that most yeasts start to die when the alcohol percentage hits 16% so I don’t need to worry about too strong of beers quite as much as I thought.

Me & Nic also talked about doing a small show in Raleigh the night before the Silber 15 show that will probably be Slicnaton, Electric Bird Noise, & Small Life Form.  I’ll let you know if it happens.  There is going to be a show the Thursday before in Greensboro that is Hotel Hotel, Slicnaton, & Andrew Weathers.

I got sent some questions for doing an interview to promote the 15 year anniversary show.  So that’s nice that somebody seems to care.

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