Small Life Form & Dreams

So I have a Small Life Form show this weekend at a noise festival & they put out a compilation about it.  The SLF track is the opener, small laptop speakers can’t recreate the sounds properly.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m at a thrift store that has a bunch of old electronics & a bunch of music stuff.  In a dollar bin of cassettes the guy has a shrinkwrapped Robotech Perfect Collection Soundtrack.  I pick it up & take it to the guy & tell him, “I’m not going to buy this because I don’t need this, but you could probably get at least $30 for this on Ebay.”  He thanks me for the tip & puts the cassette in his pocket & gives me a free Crass 12-inch single as thanks for the tip.

I’ve been on a two month alcohol binge living under a bridge so no when can watch my decay.  A girl from my past stumbles across me walking on the hiking trail that goes by the creek under the bridge.  We have a conversation.  In the middle of it my body starts shaking.  She yells out, “Oh my God!  You’re having DTs!” & I tell her, “It’s fine, it’s just that it’s cold & I’m not wearing enough clothes.”  I’m not sure which one of us is right.

I get a package at the post office that I’m not expecting.  When I open the box it’s a VCR.  I throw the packing material away & am walking out carrying it & people are whispering about it thinking it’s some kind of bomb.

It’s after the apocalypse & I live in a four story Brownstone with 20 people on a block where the half of the buildings surviving have similar tribes of 20 people in them with everyone scared to walk outside or they’ll be killed by a rival tribe.  There’s a truce everyday for a ceasefire from 5pm-6pm where people go out trying to scavenge for supplies.  Some of the survivors are big tough dudes with AKs slung over their shoulders & others are children with fancy running shoes.  Everyone is getting ready for five o’clock to strike so they can start the race to find a lost can of beans.  When the time hits I run four blocks & go up to the top of a parking deck where there’s a single rotting corpse of a car.  There’s a girl there waiting for me.  This is our only time together.  I’d rather spend time with her than spend time trying to stay alive one more day.  She tells me she was born in the country, 47 miles away from here.  I wish I could take her back there, it seems to me it couldn’t be worse than here; but I guess it’s just romantic to hope for something better anywhere.  Somebody reaches in trying to grab her through the broken passenger window & I spin around kicking at their arms & they let go & back off saying they thought she was alone.  I get out of the car.  The attacker is a fourteen year old girl wearing an wearing an old army jacket with an AK strapped on her back.  I grab the rifle off of her & threaten to hit her with it & when she runs I just throw it over the edge of the parking deck.  I go back to the car & say to the girl, “Maybe we can just try to stay together in the car tonight & see what happens.”

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