Remora, Sarah June, Jamie Barnes, Small Life Form, Martin Bisi, Just A Man, Vigilant

Did some more research for bloggers & reviewers today. Seeing various things in “best of the year” lists is helping me to find some new places.

I finished up a second draft for Vigilant & sent it to PB Kain for input before doing a final layout.

I started working on an electro Remora cover of a Sarah June song (“Brand of Bitterness”). We’ll see if I actually finish it.

Here’s the Small Life Form video I talked about yesterday:

While I’m giving you videos, here’s a Christmas song from Jamie Barnes:

& here’s a video of Martin Bisi taking down the covers of a bunch of the albums he’s worked on over the years (this is just part one of five).

Today’s installment of Silber comics is Just A Man #2.

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