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Okay, so today was a long day on my computer doing html editing & getting the promo stuff set for the new releases.  I also got the go ahead from Blondena & Fluttery to add the new Small Life Form & Remora to the Silber digital shop & I got that done, so those are available on the website now (maybe I should have done that before sending out the newsletter?).  I still need to add the new releases to the catalog page & to the front page & add their MP3s to the Silber Radio thing.  But I’m really feeling close to having something done with that.  I have a couple friends I’m trying to get to give me some RIYL bands for on the new releases which is a bit tough for me since the only music I seem to listen to is stuff I put out on Silber & metal from 1990-1992 (whatever that’s about).  So anyway, I should start sending the emails out to press & radio people when I wake up in a few hours.

I got out half of the requested promos for the new batch of mini-comics.  Which sounds impressive as long as I don’t reveal how few people asked for them.

So Nick Marino of Super Haters fame has been doing this podcast thing about the behind the scenes making of his comic & I find it interesting.  Dave Sim is doing a similar thing with Cerebus Archive (though it’s a comic instead of a podcast).  So I’ve been thinking about starting to do something like that.  Where it ends up way to in depth to a point of becoming personal to transcend the mundane & become interesting.  I’m still undecided on it as far as how far back it should start, what format it should be (podcast or video thing?) & if anyone would care at all.

I had band practice for Remora with Peter Aldrich.  Here’s the last twenty minutes which went alright as a straight through the set thing (opens with a first version of a drone jam, then ends up closing with the same thing).

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