Paperwork, mixing, coding, brewing, shirts, & cats

Filled out a bunch of paperwork for some BMI stuff today.

Did a rough mix of my 4.5 hour drone piece.

Got some work done doing the coding for the press page for the new releases.

So I just tried my corn syrup instead of honey based alcohol ferment & it’s interesting.  The taste of the peppercorns is much stronger than with a similar amount of honey.  But it is drinkable.  I think in a financial pinch using corn syrup mixed with the honey could work well.  I think when making the stuff with vanilla beans that I might use corn syrup instead to keep from the honey overpowering the subtleties of vanilla.  Or I guess I could use straight up sugar instead of corn syrup.  The molasses based ferment is a different story.  I didn’t believe the things I read about how strong the molasses flavor would be.  Now I know.  I’ll save molasses as something to add a couple drops of for color purposes only.

I did a rough design for a new Remora shirt.

Here’s a video to cheer you up or bring you down.

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