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So I heard back from a label interested in the new Remora release.  Pretty excited to have that happen, but I don’t want to mention the name until things are 100% set in place.  Hate to have things fall apart at the last minute.

I got in the artwork today from Joe Badon for the new issue of Built.  Hopefully I’ll have that done soon.

Had a meeting with a friend about my potential new day job.  It may take a month to get in, but it’s a pretty ideal job for me as far as a lot of flexibility to work while traveling & work a schedule as I see fit for being able to still run Silber & do my real work.  We’ll see what happens.

I just did an interview with Adam of KZSU (Stanford radio station) about Silber & Remora & the state of college radio.  I’ll let you know when it’s going to air & all that stuff.

I’m planning on having a set of special blog entries soon of “Lost Kisses Daily” which is the 100 or so panels I drew of 4 panel stories while on tour.  Hopefully it’s not too dark & creepy.

Here’s a funny little video summing up Breaking Bad (one of my favorite TV shows).

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