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I got the comics half laid out for Built #2, Star #2, & the Lost Kisses September 11 Special.  Hope to finish that up soon.

I just found out about/heard this song that Joy Division totally rips off for “Interzone” which is kinda interesting.  Maybe I should listen to more of this Nolan Porter guy.

I’ve been in this really weird space in my mind lately (which I guess seems normal at this point).  I have been starting to eat in my room which is something that I generally dis-like because I hate the idea of the bugs associated with food eventually coming in to where I spend most of my time.  But I just want to spend as much time as possible alone in the squalor of my room & I don’t know exactly why.  I have an opportunity to get a day job that in a certain way seems absolutely ideal, but at the same time it means re-inventing myself in a certain way or creating an alternative persona & having less time to work on the things that are allegedly important to me.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m in New York at some kind of protest thing & I duck inside a Black Panther/anarchist bookstore & a book I’m thumbing through says it’s publisher is on Banbury Street in the same zip code & I write down the address on a flyer & ball it up & shove it in my jacket pocket.  I walk out wandering through the city looking for the place & the address is actually a restaurant.  Inside the restaurant I find myself thinking, “How can people eat more than two times a day?  No wonder humans are fat.”

I have let my hair grow out into a short mohawk & I’m jumping out of an airplane for the first time in some state that doesn’t make you piggyback to do it.  I’m told we’re jumping at 100,000 feet which seems impossible & I wonder if this is how I’m going to die.

I’m riding in the back of an eighteen wheeler guarding some stolen merchandise & we pull over & I’m helping load the trunks out of this truck & into another one.  One of the trunks falls over & bursts open & it’s filled with fresh fish on ice.  Who the fuck steals fish?

I’m praying to God to give me back my power of levitation so that I can be special again.

I’m living underground.  I’m not sure if it’s a prison or the only place left that’s safe.  There’s a shortage of clean water to drink & none left for hygiene.  On the back of my right hand is a tattoo that seems familiar, but that I can’t quite place where I’ve seen it before.Let me know if you recognize this image

Let me know if you recognize this image
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