remix opportunities & random crap

For those that are interested here’s a

to the “best version” of the song I did with my nephew yesterday.

Recorded a song for a friend’s Christmas comp, we’ll see if it makes it.

Got another lead for Plumerai getting a track used in a movie.  Another case of just waiting to see how it goes.

Hotel Hotel has changed their plans for their remix EP a bit.  They’d planned on doing a hip hop oriented remix thing, but now they’re planning on the hip hop record to be a little further down the line with a special loop kit for it & going with a more standard multi-track remixing way of working.  So anyone interested should contact them about working on a remix.

The Small Life Form show went well last night.  Portions may be used for the live EP.  If anyone who took photos could send them, that would be great as I might use them for a bit of the artwork.  Not sure yet….  Hoping to finish working on the EP by Monday.

Time to get to work, 60 emails behind again & I need to work on the SLF EP  & the mini-comics.

Gotta get some work done

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