Recording/Promos/Web Updates

Did some demo recording for the upcoming Remora.  About 20 ideas that had been on my phone re-recorded on my machine (there were about 20 other song ideas on the phone that I abandoned, at least now I can use my phone to record again if I need to as I cleared them all off).  Did some stuff with trying to mic my electric guitar as well as having it go direct line in just to give it a little more interest.  Haven’t double checked for phasing issues yet.

Working on the MySpace promo.  I’m starting to feel like it might not be worth it.  It seems to generate an income level of one $5 order per 500 people I message.  But I guess right now that is a good number?  I don’t know.  Sometimes it seems like when it comes to making money off the music business, your probably best off just closing shop & spending your time on another job.

Spent the majority of the day populating the slightly altered top banner on the Silber website.  I moved the one java-script from in the header to in the body & it makes it so it doesn’t issue an active-x control warning in Internet Explorer on the site.

I saw an ad that the reality show I meant to watch a year or two ago about life after the apocalypse is coming back.  It’s called “The Colony.”

Last Night’s Dreams
Wandering around the city with a girl I’m romantically involved with.  I run into a friend of mine who says to the girl, “I hear your relationship is in trouble because you’re not slutty enough.”

I have a revelation that all humans are the same human, just subjected to conditions (many pre-natal, some pre-conception) causes the apparent variety.  So by trying to help anyone, I am helping myself, because we are all one.

I can’t figure out my level of importance in the world.  If my minor roles in so many other people’s lives are at pivotal moments of importance or just moments.  Am I the center of the universe or an accessory; & more importantly, which do I want to be?

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