Small Worlds

I’d planned to do more recording today, but ended up going out to a show with Jason Ward of Irata instead.  Irata is being re-worked into a two piece (bass & drums) & out of commission for a couple months.  But I’m interested in seeing what happens.  They still practice together four hours three times a week, I wish I could act as professionally.

Anyway, the show was a band from Detroit (I think they were called The Summer Promise) & one of the members was a member of Big Black Cloud who I played with in Columbus several years ago.  The world is small sometimes.

I saw what I thought was a brilliant flyer, but then I realized was actually a kinda crappy piece of art.  I don’t know if I want to give it away, because I want to use it in the future.

Got out the last set of press promo emails for the first wave about the new releases.

Doing some more sifting on the MySpace promotions for the new releases.  Trying to widdle down the number of people I send it to by not bothering to contact folks who haven’t used their MySpace account in over a year & not bothering to contact people with more than 20,000 friends. & over the next month it will hopefully generate a few extra sales & a few extra fans & no extra enemies.

Got a wave of follow-up done for the mini-comics.

Went ahead & paid for my table to appear at SPACE next year.

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