Recording Remora/SLF

So I guess the Remora recordings has gotten a bit in the way of the blog.

We’re basically averaging around a song a day, but I hope to speed it up as we’re headed towards songs that are more fully formed & have been road tested a bit.  The songs recorded so far are “Does the Music,” “Awake & Arise,” “Let’s Fall in Love,” & I can’t remember the fourth one at the moment.

I tried to do a Small Life Form optical theremin sunrise recording this morning & ran into a ton of problems.  I was trying to get ready quickly & knocked a wire loose on one of the theremins, then the other theremin’s battery ran out.  I had the camera not pointed quite right because I didn’t realize how the coastline of the beach is aligned here.  Also on camera were a ton of people walking on the beach & a little work truck going by.  So if I try tomorrow morning, I’m not sure exactly how to deal with the problem of the coast not being abandoned.  I might wait & try it in the winter or at some kind of higher vantage point than I’m currently able to or off a pier or something like that.  I also don’t know if the audio is as interesting as I want it to be.  I’m not able to bring the whole rig out without electricity & the theremin’s pure sine wave type tone slowly going up in pitch just sounds like an iDose or whatever.

Got out the final follow-up for the last batch of comics I sent out.  Hopefully it’ll generate some more reviews.  I really need to get to work on the next batch of comics.  A few are out waiting for art, but I have about 7 to write.

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