Random Images/Press Junk/Vlor 3

As anticipated I suppose, not as much done today as I’d hoped for.

I figured out the problem I was having with my new pictures not loading in the random image generator.  I’d labeled them all as #20.  But when trying to find an alternate javascript I found a generator that brings up random linked images, which means new possibilities for advertising on QRD at the re-launch.  Also I might make some album covers part of the random images (or maybe whole comics) & have them be links.  Just a matter of time to get everything going & getting things prioritized.  I need to put my to do list in Excel so I can prioritize it easier.  There’s a problem when the to do list can’t fit on one sheet of paper & all of the tasks are too large to finish in a day….

I processed a bunch of updates to my press & radio spreadsheets (I got a bunch of info from a peer label & figuring out which contacts are new versus duplicates is harder than it should be).  I also sent out another wave of inquiries to digital reviewers about Carta/Sarah June/Aarktica.  I actually screwed up mildly on the mailing & sent messages to some people I’m only supposed to contact about free releases.  So I’ll see if that backfires.

I recorded a piece of music that I have no idea what I think about.  It is kinda garage punk I guess but the vocals are just freakout feedback simulations.  Welcome to the next Vlor??  Maybe….  I think it’s six bass parts, three vocals, one percussion, & one harmonica so far.  I should send it to Brian McKenzie to decide what to do with it since he’s responsible for the last Vlor single….

Answered a bunch of emails & MySpace messages.

Irata found the wav files & original art for the album.  So that’s going to be a big plus for that release.

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