More $5 Downloads! Plus other news!

So I’ve been trying to encode the back catalog & make snazzy little PDFs for each digital download & it’s taking a lot longer to do than I anticipated.  I was thinking I could do 10-15 a day & I’m running at 6 a day.  So far there are 18 releases available.  I’m hoping the process speeds up a bit.  Not sure if I’ll get any done tomorrow as there’s a lot of other work that I’ve been letting slide.  Just $5 a download of course.  Here’s what’s available so far:
Remora: Some Past’s Future (no fancy digital booklet on this one)
Remora-Pale Horse and Rider-Rivulets: The Alcohol EPs
Jamie Barnes: The Fallen Acrobat
Small Life Form: one
Mike VanPortfleet: Beyond The Horizon Line
Jamie Barnes: Honey from the Ribcage
Remora: Enamored
Heller Mason: Minimalist and Anchored
Black Happy Day: In The Garden of Ghostflowers
mwvm: rotations
Moodring: Scared of Ferret
Vlor: six-winged
Aarktica: In Sea
Carta: An Index of Birds
Sarah June: In Black Robes
Aarktica: In Sea Remixes
Remora: Derivative
Remora: Some Future’s Past EP

When looking for lost graphic design files associated with encoding the back catalog I found some old music from friends that hasn’t been heard that I might re-issue.  I found demos by people that I probably should’ve worked with like Zelionople & Aidan Baker & The Goslings as well.  Though I think maybe the strangest thing was a disc labeled as a collaboration between Remora & Ring from 1999 that I have absolutely no recollection of (this was from a period of time where I recorded a ton of music all the time & was still a heavy drinker, but I still think I would remember it as I still can sing you the vocals of the collab with Rivulets from the same era).  I probably should listen to it.  I have no idea what it’s like.  Could be pure drone or acoustic guitars.

So I worked some more on two of my new “straight” comics.  I think I might have lost my ability to write plot driven things instead of character studies.  Which really doesn’t work too well for something that is just supposed to be about action which is what is supposed to happen for the upcoming “Lost Kisses Extreme” about a soldier of fortune stick figure.  I guess I have a ten panel intro, but it’s hard to know how dark I can make it before I am infringing on telling a story from one of my other books.  Maybe it should be that the whole first issue is about body worship & stuff like that.  Of course who’d want to sit through that waiting for things to blow up besides me?

So I added a few images to my random image java script on the silber front page & it seems to only be bringing up one of the five.  I might should look around for a different script. as it seems like this one really loads the first ten images heavier than the second ten.  On about 30 refreshes there’s five images that never came up & that doesn’t seem right….

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