Indie ambient band Northern Valentine is still close in the running for band of the month in Deli.  Help them out by voting for them here.  Just one day left to go, & last I checked they’re down by about 20 votes.

Worked on QRD TV last night, shooting two test episodes.  In the next week or two we’ll hopefully figure out how things look & how to make things work well enough to have a presentable program.  It did take longer than anticipated with around 4.5 hours for shooting two episodes & who knows how long in post, but I’m pretty satisfied.  Most importantly it seemed like a success from the standpoint of the people involved having a good time.

Speaking of QRD, I’m working on the current issue at the moment.  Hopefully it will be mostly up in the next two days.  Still waiting on a couple interviews to come in that were supposed to be finished over the weekend.


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