do something patriotic, buy music

So I got an email from Hotel Hotel today about there disc being pirated on Rapidshare.  So I contacted Rapidshare about taking the file down & deleting that user’s account.  Maybe one day I’ll stop fooling around & start suing people like I’m Warner Brothers.  Let’s see, 50 downloads would earn me $350.  I mean, when I give a free live album plus a free track from the studio album, you can’t really play the “just wanted to check it out” card, can you?  I don’t know.  Would people be as willing to not pay for the music if they new how much PD Wilder needs a couple hundred dollars for a new guitar?

Speaking of people not spending money, why can’t Obama come out like Bush & say, “Do something patriotic, go shopping.”  Maybe make it more specific & say, “Do something patriotic, go see the nearest weirdo music show & buy some merch from them.”

Folded some more mini-comics today.

Potentially booked some shows for Remora on the way to & from Columbus.  We’ll see what happens.

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