QRD, stuff coming up, & a couple gripes/compliments

Last week the new issue of QRD came out.  Forgot to post about it in the blog.  I feel it’s a pretty strong issue with a lot of good interviews.  It’s got guitarists, cartoonists, bass players, label owners, & even a feature interview with Rivulets.  I’ll probably start working on the next issue next week.

A couple releases should be coming out pretty shortly.  A remix collection of the M is We song “Sinking” & a 5in5 EP from Lure of the Unknown (Joeseph Simon).  Then a couple more things I’m trying to prepare as well. Follow glenoriegrowers for more information.

Lately I’ve been feeling somewhat inspired to get back to work on my comics.  We’ll see what happens, but some collaborations with Nate McDonough (Grixly) & Jason Young (Veggie Dog Saturn) seem likely.

So a band I’m pretty good friends with is on a label that hired out the promos to a publicity company.  A fairly highly thought of company at that.  The promo company actually solicited me about the release because of QRD.  The press release the label paid money for (which in the end the band is billed for) is pretty awful.  Verbose & long & hard to read without even really hinting at what the music sounds like.  WTF?  Now I get why the few reviewers & DJs I’m in personal touch with tell me my press releases are good.  I mean, I get it at the same time.  If I were writing around 1000 press releases a year (sometimes the publicists sends me 8 emails promoting 8 different releases the same day) they would probably turn into something derivative & formulaic & hard to read also.  Sometimes I feel like they are already doing that.  I wish I’d just written the whole thing up for them.  It’s both frustrating & a compliment.  In a related compliment & frustration a band that I put out a 5in5 by that got only a couple reviews & a couple sales & I was apologetic about the lack of interest I could find complimented me on being the best label they’d ever worked with.  WTF?

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