QRD, Pointless Forest, Northern Valentine

So I updated the back issues of QRD to take away the affiliate links & replace them.  Only one person went in for the appearance on 570 content pages for $50, but I’m guess I’m happy with the $50 because it’s rare to to get any ads at all that pay these days.

Had a band practice with Pointless Forest tonight playing bass.  It was a full band line up with two bassists & a guitarist & a drummer – so it was less loop driven than it often is & it was cool to sit in with a band doing it straight & live.  It makes me want to try to make a Remora album that is even more band oriented than the last one.

Here’s a live video form Northern Valentine:

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One Response to QRD, Pointless Forest, Northern Valentine

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    Pointless Forrest mean that the Forest is pointless or that there’s just a whole crapload of pointlessness going on?