Long Days

Trying to get a bunch of work done & the days just don’t seem to have enough time.  Working on the Northern Valentine promos, working on the mini-comic promos, laying out & assembling mini-comics, trying to get taxes done, & there’s constraints coming up on my time soon as far as going out of town for a bunch of different things.

The anthology I put together for SPACE is available now.  Here’s the free digital version.

Recent Dreams:
I’m walking in the woods when a gloved hand comes out of a three inch wide hole in the ground & grabs me by the ankle.  It tries to pull me down, but I break free with only a bruise in the shape of a hand on my ankle.  I end up going on CBS This Morning as the only person who’s been attacked by one of the hands from underground & survived.

It’s time to bury my grandmother & to save money I end up digging the hole in the cemetery myself.

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