QRD, Lingua Musica, Star, & a Dream

I got up QRD #64.  It has a pretty long piece about the hiatus.  It also has a short interview with Alan Sparhawk of Low & a tour diary from Plumerai & a half dozen other things you might find interesting.

I got in the artwork for Star #3 from Kurt Dinse.  Hoping to get it laid out & printed in the next day or two.

I did a thing with Joe Kendrick for his Lingua Musica program (I don’t even know what to call the thing… thirty minute interviews with people via Google Hangouts… is that a podcast or what is it?).  I discussed the hiatus & christianity (during which I come across as a crazy person) & bunch of other stuff.  Here it is….

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m cleaning my room & I find a gun.  It’s a nickel plated pistol.  Is this thing mine?  Why do I have it?  They always seem so much bigger in real life looking at them than they do on TV.  In my hand this one just feels at home, like an extension of my arm.  Or maybe like my arm & body are an extension of it.

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