a broken doll

He’s a broken doll.  He’s lost his purpose.  Dead & buried, literally, five hundred miles away.  It’s put him back to his standard state of just waiting for something to happen.  Prayers for death.  For an end.  That’s when she appears.  That’s when she always appears.  Offering a hope.  A chance to re-invent himself.  To be something for her since he is nothing for himself.  Only he isn’t quite clever enough.  He can’t discern what she wants or needs.  He can’t separate her in his mind from the other girls who played the same part at other points in his life.  He can’t make her a unique individual in his mind.  So he can’t mold himself into her ideal man.  He can’t recast himself.  He is what he is.  A broken doll.

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One Response to a broken doll

  1. Peter says:

    Broken doll? I’m taking you to Build a Bear, stat! You can choose how you like your bear to look, but it has to match mine in some way. I’ll be in touch!