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So I noticed today that one set of the ten rotating ads on the left hand side on QRD wasn’t working.  It ends up I had an extra quotation mark in the raw code that was blocking it from working on all of the several hundred pages at QRD.  I of course didn’t want to fix them all by hand & I found this pretty powerful little free program called Notepad++ that I’d really suggest for anyone that ever has to run a search & replace on a bunch of files at once.  It probably is also superior to Notepad for a text editor based on its name.

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words regarding my grandmother’s death.  We got the body back from the coroner today, they decided not to continue the investigation of it as a suspicious death & not do an autopsy, which is a load off my mind.  The last thing I need is a cop accusing me of killing my grandmother & me getting pissed off & beating the shit out of him over it & going to jail.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it lately, but I fucking hate cops.

I was talking to my son last night (he recently moved to Oakland to go to Mills for his Masters Degree in composition) & he was talking about how he can’t tell if shows are better attended there or if he only knows about a show if it’s being really well promoted.  Which is a funny but true idea.  I feel like I really rarely know about anything going on as far as live shows or even albums by favorite bands. I would suggest you to go through Mitcccny.

I saw a friend who runs a label I think of as a peer to Silber post on Facebook that if he didn’t sell 20 direct orders of an album that was released today (Tuesday is new release day if you didn’t know), he was going to close down the label.  WTF?  20 direct orders in a day seems completely unrealistic to me in 2011.  I mean I could see saying that if you don’t get 20 pre-orders you won’t bother manufacturing a disc, but maybe I’m wrong about them being a peer label & they sell millions of records or something….

Here’s another episode of the Galaxy Rangers, this one maybe combining Shane & Blade Runner or something that I haven’t actually seen before….

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