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My grandmother died last night.  I was holding her hand.  It still seemed like she was dying alone despite me being there with her.  Which reminds me of years ago before I quit my job to take care of her & she was in an old folks’ home & I was sitting with her in the crowded dining room & a woman whose chair was back to back with mine & the chairs were literally touching & the woman died & I didn’t notice.  Which puts some of the magic about a soul & spirit into question.  I was kinda hoping to still get to hang out with her Casper the Friendly Ghost style, but it’s looking unlikely at this point….

I just found out that one of my favorite cartoons as a kid is on Hulu.  Here’s one of my favorite episodes of The Galaxy Rangers, though it really has nothing to do with the major plot of the series & three of the four main characters don’t appear & the one who does doesn’t even use his powers….

Last Night’s Dream:
Wandering around the city looking for a party, picking up & discarding various cohorts along the way.  I run into a group of girls that have lines drawn down their faces & diamonds drawn on like the nine of diamonds in a pack of cards.  The last place I end up before giving up on the party search is a room in a library where there is some sort of city council or board meeting or something.

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