QRD, Christmas Comp, Dream

I finally finished going through watching all the episodes of the original Outer Limits.  Not sure what my next show to fall asleep watching will be.  Maybe Tales of Tomorrow.  I tried to watch that Southland Tales movie by the Donnie Darko director today & had to shut it off after fifteen minutes because it was so bad.

Got a bunch of work done for QRD today.  Should go live tomorrow.  Just have to write the intro & make a cover.

I have in a bunch of tracks for the Christmas comp & hope to get that done by next week.

Last Night’s Dream:
A tall old man shows up at the viewing of my grandmother’s body.  I ask him who he is & he just stares at me.  I go up to hit him, but he’s tall enough that I can’t even reach to hit him in the face.

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4 Responses to QRD, Christmas Comp, Dream

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    Southland Tales is horrible but i still find it enjoyable but not because of the plot or the acting but little subtleties that make no difference in the movie.

    • I couldn’t deal with the voice over narrator. & I thought the quantity of minor stars that I try to figure out who they are was distracting. & of course way too many characters. & it said it was over two hours.

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    plus, isn’t the lead role Stiffler from American Pie?

    • I think they’d introduced like 20 characters in 15 minutes so I couldn’t tell you which one of them starred. I ended up watching Woody Harrelson’s Defendor instead, it’s playing free on YouTube right now…..