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So the new QRD is up.  It’s part five of the guitarist interview series.  I’m thinking about re-working some of the QRD material into ebooks & seeing what happens.  Also thinking about offering some full branding ads on the site that are valid a month at a time on every page since the permanent placement ads aren’t selling.  But of course who knows if those will sell either….

Doing some research on blogs to contact for promotion by going through all the sites who contribute to Hype Machine.  I don’t actually read music blogs very often much less keep up with what ones are cutting edge & it’s interesting to see the shifts there is in blogs every couple of months.  It seems like Soundcloud is getting to be really important to a lot of bloggers as the way they put music on their blogs.  I have to wonder if part of that is caused by the player that I used to have on this blog (which is the same player a lot of people use) crapping out a couple of months ago with the latest version of WordPress.

Last night I read half a novel for the first time in probably three years.  It was a nice feeling to be able to relax enough to do that.

I got the layout done for REH #2 & printed out the first batch.  I’ll still need to make the digital version for you guys & put up the link to sell it.

I got the layout done for XLK #2 & sent it to Nick Marino to draw.  So I’m getting some things done it feels like.

Last Night’s Dreams:
The local priest is staying at my house sleeping on the couch & using towels as blankets.  He tells me a story about his brother Tobit & asks if I know who Tobit was in the Bible.  I tell him of course I do & about how I read the story to a protestant girl I was going out with (the Book of Tobit was taken out of the protestant cannon in the 1600s) & she freaked out about it saying that the idea of an angel that could deceive someone was non-Biblical & that angels looked like columns of fire & I told the girl that’s only because her Bible is incomplete.

I’m packing up my computer & printer so that I can work on my comics somewhere.  It’s a pain in the ass & I’m scared I’m gonna forget a cable or drop the printer & break it or something.

I wake up & there are two things hovering over my chest.  One is a small bright light & the other is a shadowy hulking monster.  I wave my arms frantically & they both dissipate into the air.  I’m not sure which one was trying to protect me nor which one was attacking me.

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