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Today’s big event was talking to Bruce Warila of Music Think Tank about doing a frontpage article about the Vlor Lego video for “Watch Me Bleed.”  So obviously I’m going to follow his lead on the project & see what happens.  It’s interesting because he has ideas that come from a totally different place than me.  Example: the goal of a viral video is not to sell CDs, it’s to gain music placements.  Wow.  Yeah.  I hadn’t thought of that.  He’s right.

I took some photos for making some flyers for the upcoming Remora shows.  Really different looking from any other flyers I’ve done.  I’ll post them up when they’re ready.  Really more weirdo designer than anything else.

While getting ready to run the MySpace promo for the shows, I noticed Remora has significantly less friends than a couple years ago.  Used to be 2500, now it’s at 1900.  Of course who were the friends in the first place?

I can’t remember if I posted it here, but a few days ago I put a bunch of magnets under my pillow because I heard it could intensify your dreams.  The answer is yes, it does that.  The problem is I wake up feeling like I haven’t slept & am jacked up on meth or something.  So I’m not sure I can advocate the practice.  You should try it out & let me know your results.  Incidentally it supposedly works better with the right side of your head against the pillow.

I listened to a really weird demo someone sent me today.  It was one of those things where, “If this is an actual demo it could be great, but if it’s a completed album it’s pretty awful.”  Decent songs, but you could hear people bumping into the mic stand & the vocals being punched in & out.  Really weird figuring out what the intention is sending something like that to a label….

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