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So the current profile picture is the new flyer style I’m thinking about using from here on out (not necessarily always with the cubes, but with six related images that seem to tell some sort of a story).  I think it draws the eye in & then you read the info later.  We’ll see if it works I suppose.  I think the font looks good at full size & printed, but wow does it look horrible in this tiny jpg; so that might change.  Let me know what you think of it.  Along with getting the flyers done, I made the Facebook events & ran the MySpace promo for the July 29 show at the Nightlight.

I was looking at QRD & I noticed since I changed the colors around a bit (now gray & black instead of all gray) that some of the ads looked a little funky or were not readable due to font size.  Fixed those.

Did some research for new blogs to contact.

I feel like it’s borderline unprofessional to mention here, but it was brought to my attention that one of the MP3s in the digital shop had a glitch in it.  The solve of course was re-encoding the file & giving the customer a free copy of another release as well.  So that’s the way we’re rolling on that in case you ever have a similar problem.

Emailed back & forth a bit with Johnny at Record Heaven (our swedish distro who are awesome (note definition of awesome as a distributor is “paying”)) about some things to do to help each other out.  Not sure if it’ll come to fruition or not, but here were my ideas for him & essentially any other distributor:
(1) Giving a label contact info for the various press & radio outlets in your region with them tailored to the label’s type of music.  I can’t read the non-english stuff well enough to tell who to promote to.
(2) Giving a label contact info to individual shops to send promos to & to solicit them to order from the distro.
(3) Giving a label opt-ins (meaning the label pays part of the bill) for discounted shared ad spaces since they are bought in bulk.
(4) Opt-in for shared promotional posters to the shops you distribute to.
(5) Opt-in for placement on promotional postcards to be mailed out & placed in your region.
(6) Starting a webzine interviewing bands with new releases each month (or week).

Copied over my “to do list” so that it would make sense to me.  Always a ton to do.  Going back to having it in a small notebook where individual pages can be ripped out with lines copied over.  We’ll see how it works out.

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