Sent out some more promo follow-ups today for the Sarah June & Carta.  Getting near the end of the first wave of follow-ups & then I’ll do a second wave at the digital reviewers with some blurbs from reviews to see if I can get any more bloggers to talk about the stuff.  Then call it a day on these releases as far as promotion goes.

Realizing how much of a back catalog I have for preparations for the digital release launch & it creeps me out.  I have three albums waiting for me to master them & design artwork & write press kits & all these other things.  I need to start keeping a to do list so I stay on track.

Got in a piece of music I’m supposed to sing on top of as a collaboration.  It messes with me a little when people request me to sing, because I think they could do better.  But I guess while my singing isn’t great, it generally is appropriate to a piece of music.  Which isn’t going to happen if you ask the average joe to add vocals to a droney piece of music.

Did a bunch of preparations for moving my site’s hosting plan around.  Making sure my entire site is on my computer for the re-upload.  Kind of excited about the idea as it is going to save a few bucks & get rid of my bandwidth use fears.  Oh, & does anybody know enough about CSS & web design to help me with something for free?

Saw an interview with the woman who runs Ning on Charlie Rose.  Which is funny because I was thinking about killing off the Silber Ning because it never gets used.  It was interesting because they talked about MySpace like it’s so old & far behind.  Really?  It’s still the second most popular social network.  While I’ll grant you that Facebook is superior for human beings in general (& I never understood normal humans bothering to have a MySpace account except as a way to interact with bands they liked), I think for anyone running an artistic business oriented service MySpace is the number one game.  Who’s number two? Facebook or YouTube?  I’m not sure.

Watched a documentary about Japan solving its negative population problem with robots (which is awesome, brings the robot revolution that much closer).

I’d like to give a shout out to our new internet intern Steve for helping with some radio updates.  I do have a bunch of work to be done by anyone with free internet time & rudimentary spreadsheet skills.

Not a lot else.  Just trying to keep from falling further behind & stay sane at the same time.

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