Making It Through the Day

Did some more work on getting Just A Man #4 laid out for print & I got in the artwork for Marked #2.   So that’s three comics waiting on me (XO still needs to be scanned in & all that).  Each of my creative outlets gets to suffer for the others sometimes.  I’ll need to get on top of things for writing more scripts as well as doing the layout, printing, & assembly.

Still trying to get the digital store working.  I really thought it was going to hit functionality today.  I like to think it’s 95% there, but the 5% may as well be 100% because it’s either working or it’s not.  The sixty page booklet for working the software is intimidating, but I’m still hopeful things are going to fall together.

Started to get in the trickle of thank you messages from the MySpace promo campaign for Carta & Sarah June.  It’s strange because I think I’ve gotten three messages in the past week, but five today.  Who knows how the world works?

Got a couple more promo requests out today & a restock to a distributor, always nice to have a few less things taking up space in the house.

Despite the beard comic still being the avatar, I shaved today.  I look younger than my son now.  It’s weird how quickly mild changes in appearance can make me unrecognizable to myself in the mirror.  But it does help with the feeling of creating some kind of actual change in life, even if it is probably imaginary.

Recent Dream:
I’m on a yacht & it’s sinking at sea.  Rather than trying to help me fix the ship, everyone else on board just starts having sex.

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