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I went through & made the all the webmail contacts for the recent releases.  Which means I’m 99% done on what I know to do to promote them.  I still have a few forums that I need to check if they are still active & then I’ll just wait & see if anything happens.

For some reason a bunch of people contacted me today about doing various things.  Supposed to work on the “Teddy Bear” video with Peter Aldrich tomorrow.  Then on Thursday is the first band practice or whatever for Butterfly Corpse (& potentially continuing to meet weekly).  My one brother is taking off work the week between Christmas & New Years & asked about me coming down to visit.  Martin & James from Plumerai are going to be in NC the weekend around January 8.  I might go out with Brian McKenzie in mid-January doing merch for The Independents & then Melissa Garnder asked about me going up to Madison & hanging out & working on stuff.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is how there seems to be a lot of things going on using computer technology that is really putting the ability to work on decent sounding (if not terribly innovative & original) music in the hands of the masses.  Which as someone who loves working with music I think is awesome.  However as someone who grew up thinking they could make money off of music I think it’s the end of an era.  Which is fine I guess.  Somewhere along the way music in a certain way has been commandeered from the masses.  It’s not like before the invention of radio when most families had a decent musician & a decent story teller living in the house & the idea of professionally doing such a thing was about as valid as planning to win the lottery today.  I really can’t say it going back to music being a fun & entertaining thing that 25% of the populace takes part in is a bad thing even if it means the end of the working class musician.  It’s always interesting to look at things with a future historian perspective & see the anomalies & fluxes of things.  Anyway, this reminds me of a story.  I know a guy that is a lawyer & makes a lot of money & on the side he’s in a band with other folks from his social circle (I know that one is a dentist & can’t remember the other professions) & they occasionally take time out & go on tour for a few weeks.   Someone else I vaguely know is in a band they take with them when they go on tour.  The unwealthy band books the gigs & the wealthy band pays most of the expenses.  Which I think sounds pretty awesome of them & I like the rich guys are supporting the arts, but the other band makes fun of their music not being that awesome.  I don’t really know my point of this story, but I thought I’d tell it.  Thanks for letting me share.

Here’s today’s big news, a new video from Jon DeRosa for his song “Anchored”:

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