Print, Fold, Research

Spent quite a bit of time trying to decide who was getting which promos today.  I only have about 30 copies of Remora’s Derivative to spare & Moodring the first pressing was 500 so the promo is scaled back a bit & the Lost Kisses DVD isn’t really going to get reviewed in a lot of music magazines.  But I think I have everything figured out.

I printed out the press releases & folded them up, I still need to make the promo blurb stickers so I can start getting the discs out.

Started contacting some of the people who’ve traditionally ordered from Silber about the new stuff.

I tried to update the Silber MySpace page to have the two new releases for sale & it was a lot more work than it should’ve been because I guess there’s some character count limit that made it keep glitching when I would try to post stuff up.

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