Getting Stuff Done

Got the blurb stickers for Moodring, Remora, & Lost Kisses done.

I also printed out all the promo addresses for sending out the promos.

I added four guitar lines to the Aarktica song “Young Light” that I’m remixing.  It was probably the most I’ve played guitar in a month or so.  I couldn’t get my right hand to move as fast it was supposed to & it was only a three minute song.  I need to practice a bit before my show next Friday so I don’t get surprised by something like that in front of an audience.

Registered the Lost Kisses DVD for distribution with FilmBaby which I think means it goes to Amazon & iTunes & all that.  Surprisingly they asked for the release date, I don’t know if that means they will respect the release date; but I like the idea of them asking.

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