Missing Sleep Periods

So Sunday night my grandmother decided she didn’t need a sleeping period which means I get to miss a sleeping period.  Which I am not used to happening anymore & consequently I had trouble thinking straight enough to get anything done all day.

I checked the Silber MySpace for the first time in who knows how long.  1100 unread messages.  I went through 150 (all but 1 sent via the Reverbnation thing) & there was one that was vaguely trying to communicate with me as individual.  I guess I understand why people have deleted their accounts on it even if I disagree with the idea of deleting an account that so much stuff has been linked to over the years.

Did some work on press releases for some upcoming things & filled a few orders.  That’s it.  Pretty much a bust for a couple days.  Maybe I’ll get an opportunity to get some things done soon.

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5 Responses to Missing Sleep Periods

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i wouldn’t delete myspace, you never know when you’re gonna need some phat beats.

  2. I also saw a thing that you can now embed stuff from MySpace on Facebook, which I thought was basically the only reason to join Reverbnation….

    • GoddakkAttack says:

      well the reverbnation players typically work. also the .03 cent per year you collect from rn

  3. Peter says:

    Sorry to hear about the sleep!