Plumerai, UVDS, Dreams

Here’s a short interview with Plumerai about the recording process for their new album that will come out in a couple of months.

I finished drawing the second UVDS comic & printed it up.

I also wrote the first draft for Ultimate Lost Kisses #14.  Going to try to get myself rolling on finishing up that story arc.

Earlier this week I sent email promos to reviewers about my comics for the first time in a year.  I’d stopped pushing the comic promos because of diminished interest & feeling like it was all noise instead of signal.  So I sent out to two hundred reviewers & I heard back from 3 so far.  Which is no huge surprise.  So I’m thinking about running a comic Kickstarter again, this one with a goal of reaching out to retail.  My idea is people would pay $20 to get 10 comics sent to them & 10 comics sent to a retailer either of their choice or that I research & find & the retailer can give away or sell the comics & use the money to buy more.  Who knows if it will work.  But I think it can’t hurt.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m on a road trip with my family in a caravan of three cars.  I’m a passenger in my parents’ car.  A storm starts up bad enough that we can’t see & my dad pulls off the road into a covered loading dock of a warehouse & the other cars follow us in.  I get out of the car & my sister in the car behind us gets out saying, “Why did we stop here in this stupid indigent hillbilly town?”  Immediately after she says it she’s hit by a thrown stone & I say loud enough for whoever threw the stone to hear it, “Does everybody know now to be nice & not make fun of people?” Then I’m hit in the shoulder with a rock.  I stoop down & pick up a rock the size of a baseball & walk off into the storm in the direction the stone came from.  There’s two teenagers.  The larger one says something to the skinny one & the skinny one runs off.  The big kid throws a piece of broken marble the size of a brick at me & misses.  I run at him.  He’s eight inches taller than me & a hundred & twenty pounds heavier than me.  To hit him in the head with my fist with the rock clenched in it I need to jump in the air & the hit takes us both to the ground.  I land on my knees straddling him & my knees fucking hurt from the landing & I just take the pain as a reason to keep hitting him in the face & then out of the corner of my eye I see the skinny kid.  He’s got a gun pointed at me & his whole body is shaking.  I drop my rock to the ground, climb off the guy, & go back to the car.

I’m in some Rust Belt city with Shawn Atkins & we go into a comic shop called Five Days a Week.  I dive into the dollar bin & one of the comics I find for a dollar is a trade paperback of the first nine issues of Rom.

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  1. Peter says:

    Rom the robot?